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We’re your business’s secret weapon, specializing in Website design. Let Blu Inc. take the overwhelm out of designing a new website for your business. We’ll do the hard part so that you can concentrate on showing up for your clients and being the best business owner you can be. Blu Inc has covered everything from website design and templates to web hosting and maintenance.


It’s time for your website to start turning heads! Our team is fully dedicated to making your business run as smoothly as possible, and we believe that a well-designed website is an integral part of that. We’re passionate about making your website dreams come true. Let’s make some magic happen! 

Paid Facebook & Instagram ads services

Facebook & Instagram ads give brands the power to target and influence their ideal customers. They’ve become a key driver of growth for many brands.

Whether you’re trying Facebook & Instagram ads for the very first time or you’re looking to improve your existing return on investment, let’s talk.

Google Ads marketing is all about performance – how many high-quality leads you can secure for your investment. We’re here to deliver the results your business needs.

If your customers use Google to search for the products or services your business supplies, Google Ads should be a source of leads and sales. Our Google-accredited experts will ensure your campaigns serve the right audience and secure valuable new business.

If your audience is searching on Google, your business can appear at the top of Google.

We offer expert Logo design experience to entrepreneurs and startup businesses who need a new identity. Blu Inc also offers a logo redesign service for growing businesses that wish to take their brand identity to the next level.

We take the time to learn and understand the business story, its mission, vision, and target audience. From this we create a list of goals which the new identity needs to meet.

Before starting any design work we will take the time to learn and understand your business story, goals and target audience. From this we will create a comprehensive set of goals. we will then Follow a 6 step logo design process to ensure the final outcome not only looks good, but performs for your business too.

  1. Creation of Goals

  2. Research & Discovering

  3. Idea generation

  4. Designing

  5. Presentation

  6. Creation of Logo Files

Get More Organic Traffic and More Conversions

Content that gets traffic. Link building. Solid technical SEO. All working towards achieving your company's goals.

We’ll perform keyword research to identify the steps your customers take on their way to make a purchase. Our writers will create content to get in front of them.

we’re the type of SEO agency that will work hand-in-hand with you to get your company in front of your target market at each step.

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